Confuzious Tha Prince aka Nosam Allik:

Album: "Kingship Lowered From Heaven" - Warchest

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April 12, 2014 | Miscellaneous"Confuzious" is putting the finishing touches on his upcoming album "Warchest" slated for a early-September release. The album was executive produced by Confuzious and his in-house production team. The album features several underground artists that have worked with him in the past. The album will be also sure to make some noise due to the numerous verbal jabs thrown at G-Unit, Aftermath and Shady Records. But, Confuzious isn't just kicking up dust, he owns and has possession of his masters and plans to take his record label to the next level.

Call It What U Want

Single Release Date: 05/29/2014
Mastered By: South East Conglomerate LLC Studios/Sage Audio 

Sage Audio
100B, 2 Music Cir S
Nashville, TN 37203

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Special Note: Album has been delayed due to severe injuries the artist - "Confuzious" suffered on 02/03/2015 because of an automobile accident!

1st Single: "Call It What U Want" - {We Fucking Tonight} . feat - Confuzious Tha Prince / Produced By Confuzious Tha Prince

2nd Single: "Hell Made Uz"

Album Release Date: TBD

Tracklist: Confuzious: "Kingship Lowered From Heaven: Warchest"

Intro: Immortalized .feat - Confuzious

1. Wild Wayz of A Man .feat - Confuzious

2. Thug Fantasiez .feat - Confuzious, Maurice [R&B Thug]

3. Pray 4 Godz Day .feat - Confuzious ,K-Capone

4. Karolina Siccnezz .feat - Confuzious

5. Shattered Piecez Of A Broken Man . feat - Confuzious

6. Bleed .feat - Confuzious, Desperadoz

7. Don't Cry 4 Me .feat - Confuzious

8. Thrown Out Tha Game .feat - Confuzious, Thug Gotti

9. Exchanging Fuck Facez .fea t- Confuzious, Soulja Gyrl, Maurice [R&B Thug]

10. Hell Made Uz . feat - Confuzious (Solo Version)

11. Nigga Nation .feat - Confuzious, Latolya

12. Dumpin 4 Profit .feat - Confuzious, Desperadoz

Interlude Track. Telekinesis .feat - Confuzious

14. Walk of Grace .feat - Confuzious, Maurice [R&B Thug]

15. Call It What U Want - {We Fucking Tonight} . feat - Confuzious  

16. After Tha Smoke Clearz .feat - Confuzious

17. Till My Casket Dropz .feat - Confuzious, K-Capone, Thug Gotti

18. Tha World iz Mine - [Prophecy] .feat - Confuzious

All masters are currently in storage and have to be re-tracked. After featured artists have been recontacted and clearances given promotion will begin.


Confuzious Tha Prince aka Nosam Allik
Former Labels - Tha Row Underground 45 unreleased tracks/Southside Recordz 125 unreleased tracks

Mixed By South East Conglomerate Muzik
Recorded In Rock Hill, South Carolina/"House Of Kim Studios"

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"Nigga Nation": 2017 - All G'z Up & All Gun'z Down Compilation Album


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